Larson&Holz – The advantage of unique services of the company

Larson&Holz – The advantage of unique services of the company

In our time, financial companies, or everything related to finance and financial transactions, is prestigious. This direction is widely developed not only in Russia, but also in the countries of the former CIS. Brokerage companies are opening with an enviable progression. But all these companies at first cause a lot of questions about the quality of service, and work with the client base. But, as usual, pay attention to the old, time-tested brokers. And today we will talk about the brokerage company Larson&Holz. Leader in the provision of brokerage services. Foreign exchange market Forex, stock exchanges, commodity-commodity platforms. All these directions are provided to the clients of the company Larson&Holz in full. A lot of services for any type of customers. A large number of types of trading accounts. To list the advantages of the company can be long. Moreover, the company does not stop there, and it constantly expands the service options. And in some options, changes are made. The most vivid and interesting services we will consider in more detail.

Training. The service is not new, but the company has perfected it to the limit. Starting with video lessons, and ending with training courses in partner centers. As for the video lessons presented on the official website of Larson&Holz, here you can find any video about trading. For novice traders, the company’s employees have selected special lessons that show the concept of building financial markets. General concepts of the market, and how pricing takes place. Maybe someone thinks these lessons are redundant, but without this knowledge a trader can never become successful. But for traders who are already familiar with the markets and know how they are formed, there are more advanced lectures in which traders learn about new modifications of trading indicators, scripts, and trading robots. More advanced traders, the company offers to familiarize themselves with the principles of the structure of economic models. In addition, you can learn more about important aspects of fundamental market analysis. Believe me, such knowledge is not superfluous. And the more so, the company Larson&Holz conducts training courses absolutely free of charge. Customers who want to get not only theoretical knowledge, but also to implement them in practice, can go through the practical part at any nearby partner center. The company provides a specialist who shows the characteristic moments of trading on real accounts. In fact, practical exercises are better. But the specialist will not always sit in the partner center. Therefore, practical classes are held periodically.

¬†Affiliate program. This is the peak of excellence of Larson&Holz. There is a lot of talk around this service. Some people think that the whole program is built on lies. Others argue that the company really did a great job, and everyone who aspired to much, got this much. Based on the observations of authoritative publications, the conclusion was quite positive. The partner centers of Larson&Holz really exist, and bring a good profit. As it seems to us, the point here is in the determination and desire to become independent. This is the only time people stop. And it’s not about support, as Larson&Holz helps at all stages of opening and developing a partner center. And it helps not only with words, as many argue, but also with deeds. After all, financial injections, in fact, are investments in the partner center. A competent approach with a long-term perspective. Both sides benefit from this. Moreover, the company takes all costs. Again, these cash infusions are listed on the balance of the partner. From now on, he can dispose of them as you like. Well, you can say anything. And while others say, single-minded customers do their business.

Islamic accounts. What is the advantage of these accounts. These are specialized accounts that do not have a swap. For those who do not know what a swap is. This is a commission for the transfer of an open order for another day. That is, the swap is zero. The Islamic account is more suitable for professional investors. As we know, traders trade during the day. In fact, the order is opened at the beginning of the trading session, and at the close of the session, it closes. Scalping, intraday trading. For these types, zero swap is not fundamental. Well, professional investors can withstand monthly intervals. Given the swap, some of the profits are lost. This factor led to the fact that the marketing department opened an Islamic account for potential investors. Thus, the terms of trade on the Islamic account were significantly improved, which affected the profit of investors. For example, a trader works in the long run. The standard commission, for example, is $ 300 per trade lot. If several lots are traded, then the commission increases in proportion to the number of lots. For two lots – 600 dollars, etc. This is an overnight bet, and it can not be avoided on a standard trading account. Opening an Islamic account, the order can remain open for two months. During this time, the trader will have to decide on the set goals. If the trader does not close the order in two months, the function of calculating the swap under the standard tariff is included. Any client of Larson&Holz can open an Islamic account. The benefit is obvious to long-term investors.

The company will soon launch the lh-crypto service, in which all calculations will be conducted in crypto-currencies.