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An overview of Alexey Kirienko – founder of EXANTE

An overview of Alexey Kirienko – founder of EXANTE

Alexey Kirienko is one of the founders and CEO of EXANTE, which is a global investment company based in Malta, and aims to provide bespoke solutions to clients. He is most known for his expertise in and application of probability theory in the financial market. The brokerage firm was founded on the vision that finance should be accessible and simple without compromising on quality.


Alexey Kirienko holds a master’s degree in economics and has a strong background in statistics. One of the youngest investors, he has achieved fame and acclaim within the investment world as a founder and co-owner of brokerage firm EXANTE. From a young age, Kirienko held a passion for mathematics and numbers, which led him to study game theory and probability theory. During his time at university, he began trading securities, and he also participated in statistical arbitrage in global markets, which he saw huge success at. These activities sparked his eventual career in trading and investment.

Early career

In Kirienko’s early career, he was a static futures arbitrage trader. Kirienko also gained experience trading derivatives on international markets. Taking on an analytical approach to investing meant that Kirienko minimised the risk he took on. It also helped him to refine his trading strategies.

2005 saw Kirienko developing and implementing several projects with like-minded peers. One of them involved the use of robots to create arbitrage between futures contracts. The project was a success, and Kirenko and his peers were able to make significant returns. After getting his master’s degree, it would be during this time that Kirienko would eventually develop a new business model that would later make a significant impact on the financial markets.

In 2010, Kirienko partnered with Anatoliy Knyazev, and together the two developed trading software. Their expertise and commitment attracted many market investors, and the duo started to build a business model around the software. This led to the idea of starting a brokerage, through which they could establish themselves through their expertise in investment technology and the financial markets.

EXANTE’s early days

2011 saw Kirienko, Knyazev and a third partner, GatisEglitis, found EXANTE in Malta. The brokerage firm obtained an MFSA license, and then quickly expanded into Cyprus the next year. The founding of EXANTE was based on the core guiding principles of technology innovation and information transparency.

According to Kirienko and his partners, they believed there was a lack of transparency and sophisticated trading technology in the financial world. To solve this problem, they created EXANTE. The company provides traders with one centralised platform that grants them direct market access to hundreds and thousands of financial instruments alongside real-time market data. As a result, EXANTE became the first and sole provider of global access for Maltese-based investors.

Over the years, EXANTE has continued to expand its services. For instance, in 2019, EXANTE entered the Asian financial markets by obtaining a license from the SFC in Hong Kong. This allows the brokerage firm to turn their trading operations locally in the region.

EXANTE currently

Currently, EXANTE is an international broker that has offices around the world and $2 billion in assets under management (AUM). The firm’s operations are licensed globally – by the MFSA in Malta, the CySEC in Cyprus, the SFC in Hong Kong and the FCA in the UK. The broker provides traders and investors direct access to over 600,000 financial instruments in over 50 markets, ranging from those in the US and Europe to the Asia-Pacific region. Products that are offered by EXANTE include stocks, Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), bonds, commodities, derivatives and more.

The broker also works with private investors, wealth managers, family offices and other financial institutions. These professional investors gain direct market access to over 600,000 instruments, with EXANTE making sure to adhere closely to global regulations. Additionally, the firm regularly undergoes audits by a Big Four company, while enabling multi-asset margin trading with transparent and predictable costs.

EXANTE has also won multiple awards over the years as a result of its effective yet straightforward solutions. Some of these awards include the Most Sustainable Investment Company, Best Trading and Investment Solution Provider, and Best Multi-Asset Financial Services Firm from organisations in the EU, UK and worldwide. EXANTE’s commitment to diversity has also been recognised by organisations such as FTAdviser over the years, with the brokerage firm championing female equality and setting up recruitment initiatives to level the playing field in both the tech and finance industry.

Other interests and passion

Kirienko remains passionate about the financial industry and its prospects. As a co-owner of EXANTE and an expert in both finance and derivatives trading, he has been invited to global conferences as a guest speaker. He has also participated in industry discussions and given talks. Kirienko is also an investor in promising star-ups, with one of them being Comino, a manufacturer of liquid-cool computers.