Sunday 3 March 2024
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3 Things Your Accountant Needs to Move Your Business to the Web

3 Things Your Accountant Needs to Move Your Business to the Web

These days it is hard to believe there are any businesses left that have not found a way to migrate at least part of their business on to the web. But while it seems that even the ten-year-old kid that offers pet sitting has a website, there are a few businesses left that are still considering whether they should move over some of their business to the web.

Come to think of it, that ten-year-old kid in your neighborhood is not only more likely to have a website for his part-time business, he probably knew how to create it. I would bet he even knew how to add an online payment processing application to it.

For those of us with a small business and no real technology skills, it is a different story. So, whether you are a one-man band or you have one person who takes care of all things financial for your business, here are a few things to consider when looking at creating your own website for that business.

Deciding on Website Goals

You need to first look at what you need the website to do for your business. You might need only little more than a fancy business card, telling potential clients where you are located and what you sell. That would be a simple site that you may be able to create on your own on WordPress. There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube to walk you through this.

But if you want to sell on your site, then you should hire someone to build a site for that. It is more complicated when you want to add an ability to pay for items. How would they receive what they order? Would they pick it up, have it shipped or is it something they could download? These are all important questions when envisioning your site.

Getting Bids

You might be surprised at the range of bids you will see for building a website. A little research online will show you several new software companies that help you create your own site and will maintain it for a small monthly fee. Or you can go the route of hiring a webmaster to design and deliver a site. If you are lucky, you might even ask around and see if someone you know can do it for you for a low “friends and family” fee.

Make sure the bids clearly outline what they are offering and make sure they aren’t talking you into having more site than you need. Remember, you have defined your goals, so if all you need is a simple site, keep it that way. Websites are flexible and can always be added to later if you need to do so.

Hiring Locals

Yes, there are many great looking companies on the web that can build a website for your business, and some might even be a good fit for your needs and budget. Just remember that there are plenty of local small businesses that would not only welcome your business but might be a good connection for the future. They are more likely to be able to hook you up with online marketing experts and help you keep your images fresh on your site.

All of this points to the fact that as a small business you may actually have an advantage when it comes to building a website for your business. If you create a reasonable set of goals for it, stay within your budget and work with local talent, you may find you get more website for your money.